Parent+ Support Hub

The Parent+ Support Hub is for Caregivers who support family, friends or colleagues with mental health issues.

Our volunteers have all supported family & friends with mental health issues. We also have an advisory board of professionals and work closely with local and national mental health services and networks.

A peer-support model is highly powerful in this area. Lived experience often speaks with more authority to people in crisis (and more generally suffering) than professional input, which can at times feel impersonal, invalidating, conflicted and can even be experienced as harmful in some instances.

Dr D Starley

Who are care givers?

Mental Health Caregivers are a family member, friend or colleague (18+ years) that is supporting someone (of any age) with mental health issues.

Support Hub Sessions

The Parent+ Support Hub meetings are informal, café-style sessions. The hub is designed to create a space for the caregiver, we share hints and tips and it is somewhere to be ‘heard’ in a relaxed environment. We have a large number of peer support volunteers, so when people come to the group, you can never be too sure who is there seeking support and who is there to provide support. Everyone can share as much or as little as they like. Those who are nervous about ‘being seen’ at the group, can join as a volunteer member.

The Parent+ Support Hub is somewhere we can support each other and share information, allowing us to grow in strength and knowledge; so that we are all better equipped to give the best possible support to our families and take care of ourselves.

Check out our events on the news page for the latest session dates.

What is said in the Hub, stays in the Hub

The Parent+ Support Hub meetings are facilitated by Peer Support Volunteers and we invite various professionals and local services to join us.

The meeting format is as follows:

  • Time to chat with other Parents/Caregivers
  • Group discussions around Self-Care or Mental Health Information
  • Question time (anonymous if you prefer)
  • Ending with ‘tip of the week’

To sign up for a Parent+ Support Meeting, or workshops, get in touch.

If you require more support, you can register with us and we will develop a bespoke support plan for you, which we will then work through with you on a regular basis. Register with Parent+ Support Hub.

Bespoke Support Plans for Mental Health Caregivers

As part of our bespoke support services, we offer:

  • Emotional support for parents/care givers
  • Information on mental health issues
  • Educational needs
  • Financial needs
  • Resources
  • Sharing insights on relevant services

Regular Support for Mental Health Caregivers

We run a peer support group that is somewhere to be ‘heard’ over a cuppa & cake.

  • Support calls
  • Whatsapp
  • Emails
  • Text
  • Facebook
  • Post Covid-19 cafe-style meetings

Parent+ also provide information to support families who are interested in learning more about mental health and early intervention.


Parental Minds resources are the foundations of the support we deliver through Parent+ Support Hub. Each resource is the result of a question being asked to Parental Minds or through Parent+ Support Hub.

We also offer virtual training sessions through local organisations and the National PLACE Network.

Sharing Parental Voices

Sharing Parental Voices in the research and development of local and national services; with a particular interest in those who use risky behaviour to tolerate distress.

We share opportunities for you to share your own experience. Some Caregivers find it therapeutic to join ‘participation’ groups. We share these opportunities through our newsletters and social media. We also take themes from our Parent+ members to local and national research projects.

You were a lifeline when I was drowning and had no one to talk to that could understand. It was a huge relief to connect with others experiencing the same difficulties via the WhatsApp group. It was a way to unburden without having to explain. I don’t feel alone as I know if things go ‘wrong’ again, I have support to get through the crisis.

From a parent we support